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定向资产管理 英语如何说呢


资产管理 asset management 例句: 进行设备资产管理和资产评估; Equipment capital assets management and capital evaluation. 国有企业固定资产管理的好坏直接影响着国有企业的运营和发展。 Management of fixed assets of state-owned ente...

资产管理专员 全部释义和例句>>Asset Management Specialist 资产管理专员 全部释义和例句>>Asset Management Specialist

Asset Management Co.,Ltd.

Brokers set financial plan.

asset management department/office asset management=资产管理 这个可以确定

PhoenixCapital is a global enterprise investor employing value investing approach and investment analysis is based on autonomous in-depth research.PhoenixCapital’s mission: based on proven research and due diligence experience ...

securities trader particular asset management

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资金管理 词典 [财]fund management 资金管理 词典 [财]fund management


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